17 August 2012

Weekend Wonderment ~ 8/17 - 8/19

Still plugging along on my Nightwatch shawl... heaven help me.
I am seriously contemplating frogging this shawl because it is wildly boring and I don't think it compliments the beautiful yarn well enough.  Plus, I'm not big on shawls.  I worked it to it's full stitch count and it seems small... I think I'm going to put it (and me) out of our misery and just tuck it away until the perfect pattern arrives.  Maybe it would like to be Bigger On The Inside... I just don't know.  One thing is for certain - after two attempts, it does not want to be that particular shawl.

The Sorting Hat has made his way back for Fall term.  I filled out my house assignment sheet, complete with muffins and a Haiku. I even stated that if there was a First year who would be missing out due to my bed occupancy, I would do a term abroad. I know, I know - I'm totally a Puff but in being a Puff, offering your bunk to another is totally in character... besides, my hyper-competitive nature would lead me towards Gryffindor as a second option anyway and that can't be all bad, can it.

Can't you just feel the awesomeness from this!
I swatched for my OWL last night while watching an old TV special, "Merlin". I don't remember it being so comically bad but we loved it.  Cheesy special effects, some really poor acting - it was epic.  Sam Neill will always be fabulous though - he lives in the same world as Alan Rickman, for me anyway. Unconventionally appealing and just enough nerdiness to make smile. I've known for years that I don't have conventional taste in actors as leading me - mainly because I want them to be manly and that doesn't seem to be the norm as of late. Sam and Alan are most definitely manly... and very mature. The only one on my favorites list who doesn't really fit is Jeff Goldbloom... still trying to figure that one out myself. I guess everyone has one that doesn't quite fit the norm and Jeff is mine.

So that's my weekend - enjoying the last two days of summer before school is back in session on Monday.  What are your plans - anything fabulous going on?

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