01 August 2012

Um, can I have these???

Y'all have heard me say time and again "you don't know if you don't ask" and so when it came my turn to grant a surprise wish simply because someone asked, I was overjoyed.

You see, this past week was Dissertation Check-In for Tournament 5 of Nerd Wars.  My dissertation this time around is two pairs of hexagon boot slippers - one in Hufflepuff colors and one in Slytherin colors.  I cranked out the Hufflepuff pair first because I couldn't resist that happy yellow.  The first slipper I managed to get done the last few days that Hobbit was in school because I knew that once summer hit, my crafting time would be nil... and boy was I right!  Before I knew it, the time had flown by and I needed to crank out my other slipper boot to hit the halfway mark - and I did it with some marathon crafting over the weekend prior to check in, y'all remember?

I love the end result - and apparently there was a fellow Nerd Warrior who felt the same way.  This girl has some crazy mad knitting skills.  She makes the most beautiful shawls that I have ever seen - drop dead gorgeous stuff, I swear.  Things I could only dream about making in a year, she manages to finish in a single round... and they aren't the only things that she turns in for points.  I know, mind blown, right. 

So when this girl utters the phrase "Um, can I have these??? Pretty pretty pretty please? :3 I’m kind of in love." I was honored.  How could I refuse.  I gathered up her address and sent them on their way, along with a surprise or two for good measure.

Like my daddy always says, you don't know if you don't ask...


  1. Just read about this in our 1-Up team thread and had to comment here about what a wonderful thing you did! You Rock!

    1. Aww, thank you - she's just a sweetheart, always, so there was no way I could deny such a lovely request.


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