04 August 2012

Structure is key

This statement holds true for Hobbit. She doesn't do well without structure.  I have tried this summer to let her figure out what she would like to do and when in hopes that she will learn to entertain herself and come up with ideas when she's "bored".  It worked for a week or two just after summer began but after that, she was floundering and frustrated.

So I made her a rough schedule - not that great but a good start.  After a really horrific week of attitude and issues, I revamped her schedule last night into one that is hard and fast which, so far, has been perfect.

Yes, I made her sign it (though that is an overlay for y'all) and I signed it as well underneath
She got up and immediately went to the fridge to start her day and has been working it properly ever since. This system would have annoyed me as a child - it's too restricting - but that is me, not her.  Hobbit seems to crave rigid structure and excels with it.  Hard and fast lines and expectations all mapped out, that is what she wants. No grey area for her - give her black and white.

It's amazing how someone who looks exactly like me can be so utterly different.


  1. I'm a structure person, but this would have KILLED my sister. Strange how different people really are. I crave structure. I've had to let a lot of that go since becoming a mother. LOL!

    1. See, and I'm the opposite - I've had to learn to create it since becoming a mom... lol.


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