10 August 2012

Weekend Wonderment ~ 8/10 - 8/12

Not too shabby of a weekend adventure, if I do say so myself
  1. Make a Doctor Who inspired headband for Hobbit - because Matt Smith wears bowties.  Bowties are cool.
  2. I need to make the sole of the second slipper and then simply sew them together.  I also now have a shorter timeline than originally planned because I simply stink at waiting.
  3. Start the first of hopefully many itty bitty crafting projects.  I have until February to get them all done.
That's my list of things that I want to do this weekend.  Lots of known surprises going on around here. Some things were supposed to be for Christmas that just aren't going to happen because I have the ability to gift them now and some things are part of one bigger thing... the only common thread is that everything in that photo is for someone else.

I'm super excited to make this baby blanket
I know this really sweet girl who just announced that she and her husband are expecting their second child in February. Over some everyday conversations a few weeks ago, I had a feeling she was pregnant but she didn't confirm anything until yesterday.  So I did what any other self-respecting crafter would do - I ran to the store!

Armed with nothing - no preconceived idea about what I wanted to make - I simply wandered up and down the aisle, fondling and accosting all of the wooly goodness until my project jumped out in front of me.  Naturally when that happens, you go with it... and I did.  I am torn between hanging on to it for one of my AS (advanced studies) projects for next term of HPKCHC, which I still might since it starts in September, or simply jumping in but either way I can still "swatch" for it now to make sure my gauge is good.

Isn't this the happiest yarn you have ever seen in your life!
I will write up my proposal and see if I can resist the lure of the yarn... but I'm going to be honest with you - it's too pretty for me to leave alone for long!

What are your plans for the weekend - anything fun calling your name?


  1. Oh my goodness! I love that yarn! So cheerful!

  2. No plans other than some serious de-weeding of our sadly neglected front flower gardens. BOR-ING! But we are going out with friends Sat eve. I think I'll dig in on that dusty sewing room Sunday afternoon. Just seeing your yarn makes me smile!


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