12 August 2012

Sunday Snaps

My silly Hobbit has been wearing this almost every day since I made it...

I made a Scrap Bowl out of scrap yarn to keep my table clean - I love the irony of it all...

I made Peanut a new headband. A multi-colored flower one is next...

I made Hobbit a headband in honor of her love of Doctor Who - because bow(tie)s are cool...

But having some S'mores Pie in the fridge has been the best part of the week... hands down.
I did end up cleaning the living room and doing the wash yesterday.  I felt like a prat by not doing it so I just marched myself right over there and commenced to cleaning.  Today, it's more laundry and the dining room/entry hall. I'm trying to get things set for the mass packing that is going to start taking place next week... this is just the pre-organization and sort out before we pack up to move. 

My goal is to shed about 30% of what we currently have so that we can live a simpler life in our new place.  Less mess, less clutter, less 'stuff' would mean a less stressful place for everyone.  Pokey and I have gone through our closet and it's practically naked in there... our dressers are next and that will be hard for him because he keeps things out of emotion - something I have stopped doing over the years.  Hobbit will have to try on all of her clothes and we'll move on from there.  If I can get her down to about half of what she has - with a 80/20 school to play clothes ratio, I'll be happy.  Her toys are another battle entirely.

How has your weekend been?  Full of giggles and grins?


  1. Good for you for simplifying your life -- it does make for a lot less upkeep. I have a few tips that have worked well for helping kids let go of too many toys.
    1. Allow her to choose items to put in a tag/yard sale and let her decide what she would do with the money she'd earn. Anything that doesn't sell by the end of the day automatically goes to charity.
    2. Share the needs of a children's charity with her and see if she has anything she'd like to contribute to children less fortunate than herself? Project linus or Crayons for Kids are two that spring to mind.
    3. Have her group "like with like" in small boxes. For example ALL the stuffed animals. Then have her pick her most favorite of the whole collection. Then the next 3 or 5 or 10 favorites (you and she negotiate the # of any one thing you both can live with) and then the rest go but before you pass them on she gets a surprise "one more" pick to deal with any regret over one she was unsure about.
    4. Books she's outgrown can be donated to the library.
    Good luck!

  2. This has already been suggested, but when I was a kid it was easier for me to give away both clothes and toys if I knew they going to someone (say a battered women and children shelter) who had very little through the vagaries of life.

    We're currently scheduled to make the first part of a move in (deep breath) two weeks. We're trying to decrease the household by as much as is humanly possible. I still feel I'm holding on to too much, but I'm not yet ready to get rid of some of it. Maybe in a month or two when we get it back from storage and I have to neatly find a place to put it.

    Anyway, Good Luck.


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