21 April 2014

A bit of fun

Oh my stars, this has been a long and exhausting weekend.  The things you do for your kids, I swear... although, if given the chance to do it all over again I definitely would because I know it meant the world to her.

We took Hobbit to the Bippiti Boppiti Boutique on Friday to celebrate her 9th birthday.  She bobbled back and forth between tears of joy and giggle fits of disbelief over it all.  I was sick as a dog too, popping Dayquil every four hours like it was going out of style because I wasn't going to let what I thought was a simple cold hold me down.  Lost my voice on Friday morning but I was determined to make this the most amazing birthday for my baby girl.  She had a blast though - here are a few of the hundreds (yes, literally) pictures I took of her birthday.

Her dress, crown, and scepter waiting for her in the dressing room.

Getting everything ready to tame those curls into a Princess bun.

I love the escape curls in the front there.

Hair, nails, make up... the whole nine yards was going on.

Time for some magic sparkles to make it all complete.

She even sparkled her shoes!

Princess Hobbit, ready for supper with Cinderella!

We managed to dodge the thunderstorms and make it perfectly intact for supper.

Prince Charming lived up to his name, until he tripped her on accident...

Cinderella was absolutely lovely...

Anastasia was a hoot and a half - asking if Hobbit dressed up like her, to which she said "yes, of course"...

One of my favorite villains - Lady Tremaine... that face is perfect!

Drizella asked how it all worked out with Prince Phillip because if he was available, it was her turn.

They even gave her a birthday placemat and cupcake!

My little princess coming down the grand staircase.

This the next morning... yes, the hair stayed perfectly in place!

Pokey was chosen as an extra in the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular... too much fun!

By lunch, she was living up to her name...

She woke to a cupcake that was delivered to her from Prince Phillip!

After lunch, we went over to Nana & PopPop's house to celebrate... because every princess needs a Darth Vadar cake!

We stayed over at my folks' house to celebrate Easter Sunday with them as well.  My voice was still gone and I was feeling miserable but that's when the tummy bug I had on Monday hit poor Pokey and he was just miserable all day.  It looked like we would be staying a second night but he was able to rally enough for us to drive the two hours home.

Today, Hobbit went to school and I drug Pokey with me to the doctor's office to figure out why my voice was still gone and the Dayquil wasn't working... that's when we learned that I have been fighting an upper respiratory infection and he has the flu.  Thankfully, Hobbit has walked away unscathed which is perfect.  She loved every minute of this past weekend and said it was the best birthday and Easter ever - precious memories to last her forever.

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  1. Hobbit was and is a true princess. Great Pictures.

  2. Such lovely pictures! What a great birthday treat :-) Laura x


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