28 April 2014

Shake things up a bit

20 months.  That's how long I have lived with the furniture in the exact same place.  That's a very long time... and it was time to shake things up a bit.  Now, this takes careful planning because both Pokey and Hobbit don't do well with change so I had to ease into it.  I think I casually mentioned it about three weeks ago, got thoughtful about it two weeks ago, made a statement that it would happen last week, and last night I started implementing it.

You see, the loveseat we purchased back when we moved in here has simply fallen apart.  I don't know why it hasn't lasted as well as the sofa but it hasn't and I was just tired of looking at it all sad and knowing it was not going to live much longer.  I decided that until we could afford a new one, I would put it in the playroom and bring back in my super fabulous lazyboy that has served my family well for almost 10 years.  Yep, we bought that when I was pregnant with Hobbit and she just turned 9 so that chair is going on 10 years old... wow.  I think it looks okay in there -

Perhaps I should have tidied up before taking the pictures... oh well, it's lived in, right...
My next thing to replace is the carpet.  I want something larger and has some rust coloring along with the green and blue... even a warm brown would work... because it will tie in with the drapes and the chair I'm going to bring in for Hobbit.  I need to vacuum it and have Pokey help me carry it in so that will happen on Wednesday.  The bigger rug will also help anchor the chairs because on the tile, they'll travel a bit and I hate that.

Since we had the dining room table moved into the kitchen portion while we took the loveseat out and brought the one chair back in, I made my second move of the evening, rotating the dining room table by a quarter.  I wanted to try it this way for a while but never got around to doing it.  I think it makes the room feel more open and gives a better flow around the house in that area.  Pokey didn't run into it this morning so that is always a good sign...

It' can't be centered because of the strange little wall to the right you can't see but I like it.
This is the view from the kitchen looking directly at it.  I think it just feels more open.  It's hard to describe but when the table was going the other way, it felt boxy and closed off.

My next project, the only person I have to consult with is me, and I'm fairly reasonable and creative so I think it will be a breeze.  I want to reimagine my office space.  I spend so much time sitting right here - working on the blog, patterns, or my night job that I want it to be more inviting and fun and functional.

I'm thinking it will involve tiers, shelves, baskets, and possibly even cupboards... lots of love is needed either way.
It works okay right now but it still isn't quite right but I'll fix it soon enough.  If you have any great suggestions, I'd love to hear them.  The spring cleaning bug has bit and now I'm off to finish up... wonder if I can rearrange my bedroom next...

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