27 April 2014

The little lovelies in life

I had a wonderful surprise today.  Last night, when I was coming to the end of my shift, I popped over to the scheduling program we use and noticed that I did not have to work on Sunday.  I was certain that I did but it was such a lovely treat to learn that I would have the day off - especially when I have to go in for 4 hours on each of my days off this week for training... oh well, positive spin is the extra funds will go straight towards our family vacation.  Yay for that!

Here's a look back at our week on the mend, full of feverish fun - literally and figuratively...

We ended and started the week at Walt Disney World to celebrate Hobbit's birthday and Easter.

Someone was a bit overjoyed at the idea of getting made up to look like a tiny princess.

I wrote out my PIXAR project for Disney Adventures which will double for my HPKCHC Potions OWL this Spring

All of us have been attempting to recover from various bouts of flu and infections for most of the week.
I'm happy to announce that Pokey and I took our last doses of medicine last night and this morning respectively.  Hobbit still has a few more days to go but she seems to clearing up nicely as well.  I still have a hoarseness to my voice that I hope goes away considering my job deals with talking on the phone all night.  Sounding like Kathleen Turner is getting old, I miss my own voice.

Here's to a better week!

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