24 April 2014

On the mend

Just a need to finish the row.
Good gravy, I pray that we all never get sick at the same time again.  This has been one hellacious week, I swear.  No one can say anything to anyone without it being misconstrued and someone getting upset.  I've taken to just hiding in here and being quiet.  Thankfully, everyone is back at their respective positions in life so I can have some peace and quiet for a little while.

Not much has been going on in the crafting front.  I did, however, write up all my proposals for my tournament crafting groups on Ravelry.  I have my Potions OWL set and ready to go - which I'm using the same project for my PIXAR proposal - and I have decided on my BROOM for my Order of the Phoenix Mission.  It should be a ton of fun but I have to wait for one week because nothing starts until May 1st.

I also started on some bartering squares.  There is a girl in Slytherin who does these awesome wood-burned boxes and so she and I struck a deal.  She's making me a box to store my hooks and I'm making her 12" blanket squares that she was needing.  I have since learned that I don't really like making such big squares.  My first one is almost complete, as you can see, but it wasn't as much fun as making the smaller ones.  I quoted her 30 squares but she thought it was too much so perhaps I'll make 15 instead.  I don't know.  We'll see how it goes and where I end up.  I told myself to make one a day, two if I can muster it, so that I have a good pile for when she's done with my box.  Neither one of us was any good at deciding what would be an appropriate number so I just looked up the dimensions for a twin size comforter and made it a tad smaller.

I do wish it was May 1st though because I would like to start on my OWL project... it's been calling my name for two weeks now!  Don't forget to share your stories for a chance to win that fabulous pattern book.  Entries close this Friday!

My photo assistant is always camera ready, Tinkerbell saw I was using the front window and was ready for her close up... silly girl.

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