02 April 2014

One down, several more to go

I have been working on presents for people lately.  I know, I know.  You're sitting there thinking "Amy, you give most of your stuff away so this is nothing new" and that is true.  This is different though.  Most of the stuff I give away is because the person said they thought it was cute so I just hand it over.  Occasionally it is a case of "so-and-so has this-and-that coming up so I'm going to make a whositswhatsits for them", which is what these are... well, all but one.  One thing on my list is simply because I love them and they mean the world to me.

So here is my first finished whositswhatsits of the month!
Yeah, it was supposed to be gender neutral but that peach sure does read pink, doesn't it.
I have a hat to finish as well as possibly a toy but we'll see how far I get.  The hat is in progress so it's next to be off the hook.  Thankfully the hat is white.  I think I've blown the gender cover on this project so I am just going to add an amazing flower to the side and simply tell her to not open my present until the baby arrives.  I have to ship it overseas so I may hold off until I know I can time it's delivery with the baby's.

Once I'm done with the hat, I've got a "sooper sekret" thing to get cracking on... well, I have to find the perfect pattern first so it may wait a bit longer until that happens, though I do have wonderful yarn that will look beautiful against her skin and really play up her pretty hair and eyes.  All I need is the perfect pattern to make them sing.

That's my wound-up for this Wednesday.  Are you working on anything awesome?

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