10 April 2014

Totally chuffed!

Remember the bag I had to finish yesterday... welp, it's all done!  I absolutely love how it came out.
I am so chuffed over how this bag came out.  It was just a whim, a random idea of something I wanted to have and then three days later it physically exists and ticks all the boxes.

I wanted something light, pretty, 'just big enough but not too big', soft, sturdy, and original.  I had a rough idea about how I wanted it to look too so I sat down and got to work.  The hardest part of it all was the lining because I have a fear of my sewing machine - not a 'fear' fear but just worry about flubbing up kind of fear.  I'm happy to report that nothing catastrophic happened, mostly because my mama walked me through the hardest part over a very confusing phone conversation... those of us who talk with our hands can't be seen to explain the stuff that confuses us which makes for a trying conversation.

Now, less than 72 hours later, what was just an idea is now a reality.  Being crafty really is a fabulous thing... and now I have this song running through my head...

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