09 April 2014

Winding up

Lots of fun things going on around here... and all of them are just about done which is exciting!
I have a really hard time crafting when there aren't imaginary points involved.  Joining the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup (aka HPKCHC) almost two and half years ago was the best thing for my productivity.  I love making things for imaginary points so that I can help my house win an imaginary cup - both the House and Quidditch varieties.  Nothing is better than being a part of this group - where they cheer you on, encourage you to try new things, and support you when things don't work out just right.

We are currently in a break month and generally I try to rest my hands during that time since I go full force for three months straight.  Just to give you an idea, this past Winter Term (which ran from January 1 - March 31), I vanished over 6,772 yards of fabulous yarn... and that's just the projects where I kept track of the yardage.  I have several items in there without final numbers on them.  24 projects in 3 months.  That's 6 classes each month, plus Quidditch all term, plus my Order of the Phoenix Mission that I completed.  I'm not counting my failed OWL because I truly believed that, for me, Herbology is jinxed.

So these two things that I have been working on, while may not seem like much, they are a huge deal.  We're in break month right now so there are no classes.  We are just about ready to participate in our End of Term Feast, where we see who brings home the House and Quidditch cups.  My money's on Slytherin... then again, my money is always on my own house!

The purse is about done.  I need to sew the strap to the sides, add the embroidery idea that I have been mulling over, and then go through my fabric stash to see what kind of lining I want.  It's my new park hopping bag for when we go to Walt Disney World.  The less I have to carry, the cooler I will feel.  If we opt to bring lunches then Pokey will carry the back pack full of supplies but if it's just a pop over for some fun, my new little purse should be perfect.

The other item is something that I can't wait to share with you... in another 12 days.  Yep, 12 days.  Can you handle it?  Can you wait that long?  I know, I'm a stinker for teasing you but I've got to cracking if it's going to be of value - which I know it will be because it is so fully awesome I'm busting at the seams to tell you about it.

Okay, off to go finish up these things and perhaps play catch up with my DVR... something was recording last night but I can't remember what it might have been so it's a surprise for me at least.  Have a wonderful day - and if you have a second, come check our fabulous game... even Ravelry has it on the front page this week because we are that magically delicious... wait... what...

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