12 February 2011

Heart Failure and Tears

That is what my morning started out with - even before I had my first sip of coffee!

My sweet, precious, adorable Ramsay caused all of it - so he has been dubbed "spawn of the Devil" - or SotD for short - just for this post.

To recap, I was sitting right here going through my idea notes and working out "The Cat's Meow" to post for everyone here and on Ravelry when all of a sudden, I hear paper being shredded.  I have no idea where SotD could get paper but I knew it had to be him because Buddy is well past that stage.  I turn on a light in the living room and there sat SotD - surrounded by a skein of the scary yarn and a torn wrapper!!
Thistle - it's living up to it's name alright.

After catching SotD and informing him that this was not a game and indeed very, very bad, I went to my room with my mutilated skein.  I gently laid it on the bed, said a prayer, wiped away the tears and set to work.  I finally found an end after 15 minutes of detangling and then went to work on remedying the situation.  It took an hour but I was able to untangle and rewind the entire skein.  After a quick prayer of thanks and a sip of coffee, I placed the wayward wool back in my basket.

In all my years, I have never had a creature play with my yarn.  No cat I've ever owned.  No dog I've ever owned.  Now SotD has been a true test of wills when it comes to who owns this stash.  I will prevail, I have no doubt about that, but how many tears will we share in the process?  That is the true question.

Learn quickly little man... that's all I've got to say... learn quickly.

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