26 February 2011

Friday Night Fair

The fair is in town this week and my husband really wanted to go.  The girls had never been to a real county fair so we thought we would surprise them.  It was so much fun!  Everyone got to do what they desired and we even won a few fish in the process.  Words can't describe what a fabulous evening we had so I'll let some of my over 200 shots of the night do the talking for me.  Enjoy.

Beautiful quilts and hand knits

More of the gorgeous crafts

Hobbit learning how to weave a chair bottom

A living statue - really wanted to poke her.. lol

Peanut & Hobby enjoying some cotton candy

Yes sir, they can go again.

Touch the clouds

Don King... in chicken form

4-H baby cow that Hobbit got to pet.

Pokey won 3 fish!

Peanut & Hobbit loving the rides

Hobbit is the pink blur in the front of the Caterpillar Roller Coaster

Enjoying some time at the rodeo

Hobbit winning a fish of her own

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