19 February 2011

Lost.. I Think.. Maybe Not

This sweater pattern is driving me batty ~ even the person who wrote it out isn't sure!  For example, she writes this about sizing:

"Note however, size is a little unusual with this sweater... The medium fits most women. Only make the small if you are really small or the large if you are quite large."

Well, that just clears it up now, doesn't it.  What constitutes "quite large"?  There are no measurements to go by so if I'm a delusional type of person, I might make the wrong size... but I'm just going under the assumption that they believe me to fall in to their "quite large" category since I have curves and all.  It would have been much easier to figure out if they, oh I don't know, used actual measurements.

My favorite deals with the gauging... this is just priceless:
"The ball band for Lana Bambu states a gauge of 18 sts for 4” on size 9 needles. I got 16 on size 8s and 14 on size 9s. The garment as shown has gauge of 14 sts for 4” in stockinette.  Get as close to this gauge as you can."

That, to me, translates into roughly "I have no clue but give it your best go".  I could be wrong but there isn't a whole lot of commitment or confidence from this pattern writer.  Now, please understand that I am enjoying my project but it is a bit frustrating to not know if you are spot on or not.  I guess that's okay though because they offer this great bit of advice, "Don’t worry if it is a little bit off; correct by making the cuffs a little longer or shorter."

So there you go... I worked in 'fix' to make it all better.

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