07 February 2011


Would it be rude to actually do this?
Man, I have been so moody the past two days.  I know it's because I don't feel well so my emotions are right on the surface but still, I don't like it.  Just because I understand why doesn't make it any less frustrating.  Take today for example ~ I love Pokey more than anything but today I find him to be utterly annoying and would love nothing more than to throttle his neck.

I know he has a cold and doesn't feel well.  I know this because I have the same cold and don't feel well.  The difference between the two of us can be traced all the way back to our childhood.  No seriously, watch, I'll show you.

In my house, if you were sick then you were ostracized to your room unless you could suck it up and move on with life.  No one was allowed to be miserable in the common rooms of the house.  Keep your ickiness to yourself and we'll see you when you feel better.  Doesn't mean we don't love you, just means that we don't honor the pathetic card here.  If you can suck it up and move on, kudos to you and we appreciate it.  If you can't, keep it to yourself and we'll see you when you're able to get on with life.  Which is why today, when I don't feel well, I just suck it up and move on.  According to my daddy, there are only two reasons to call out of work - you're either dead or you're dying.  I am quite certain that I am not either.

Pokey grew up in foster care because his mother was married to a man that stated "them or me" and she chose him - giving her boys over to the police with the excuse that she couldn't handle them any longer.  Not a lot of respect from me to this broad and we'll leave it at that.  Anywho, having gone without motherly love and affection when he was little to help make him feel better, he is utterly pathetic as an adult.  I mean fall down, act like your dying theatrics to the point that even Gibbsing him won't make anyone feel better but simply open the door to beating the stuffing out of him.  What was it my folks used to say?  Oh yeah, don't make me give you something to cry about (side note, I was never actually given "something" - just the threat was enough to make me dry it up because fear of the unknown is a powerful tool).  So I now have a 40-year-old baby in bed sniveling because he doesn't feel good.  He is neither dead nor dying and was never taught to suck it up and move on - so now I'm teaching it to him.

Yep, that's right.  If you are too sick to go to work then you are too sick to be with the rest of the family.  Lay there.  In the dark.  Quietly.  Don't move.  No, you can't come out and play LotRo - you're too sick.  I know it's just sitting at the computer and doesn't require any actual activity... so does your job and you were too sick to go do that, weren't you?  No, it isn't different at all.  Both require you to be in a climate controlled area, sitting on your hiney with a headset on while you work at a computer.  If you are too sick to do the one, then you are too sick to do the other.

My mother gave me some advice when I got married but not once did she mention that I would have to raise my husband too.  So now to go full circle, this is all my mom's fault.  I am the way I am because she is the way she is... and Pokey is the way he is because he didn't have a mom like mine.  So let me just say "Thanks a lot, Mom" ~ on many levels and not one of them is moody.

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