14 February 2011


I have two funny little Valentines and one sweetheart of a Valentine... plus a couple fuzzy ones at my feet as well.  I have attempted to make a magical experience for today out what little I have available - some holidays are simply for commercial profit and I honestly do believe this to be one of those days, but I digress.  It's not about the big extravagant gifts and such - it's about simply showing the ones you love how much you love them.  That task can be accomplished for very little money but a whole lot of love and attention to the little details.

The girls woke up to their Bug 'Ems and lockets complete with pictures.  They had a bouquet of heart shaped lollipops and one Hershey's Marshmallow heart inside their new friend.  Both seemed pleased, which in turn pleased me to no end.

I woke to coffee and a large Reece's Peanut Butter heart from a sweetheart who understands that when a wife says "I need for nothing", doesn't necessarily mean that she should get nothing.  I'm not a materialistic person at all and he knows that the simplest of things will always touch my heart.  I love Reece's and he found a sweet little heart - which completely melted mine.

Today, when I pick the girls up from school, I am going to surprise them with a trip the ice cream shoppe.  They love it when we go because it isn't very often and they see it as a special treat - just as they should.  I attempted to create Rocky Road Muffins but I fear that my endeavor has 'crashed and burned' as it were... perhaps I'll purchase a small cake at the grocer on my way out today.

I love my Valentines - they are a funny little lot but I am so thankful that they are mine.


  1. Awww- Happy Valentine's Day!!

  2. happy valentines day! i agree,it's the little, meaningful things that matter the most!


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