09 February 2011

First Step

I have been fancying a career in photography for a while now but never really knew how to go about getting one started.  I mean, I majored in Business while at University, not Art.  How is a business graduate supposed to get an art career going?  Then I did what any other level headed and intelligent person would do - I googled it!

I learned a lot of different things but the most important was to have an online portfolio.  I can do that!  So I got to work.  I pulled my best and most recent photos - not going any further back than 6 months - and set to work.  I think I have my space looking just about perfect... what do you think?

The next thing I have done is applied to some local commercial photography studios (you know, those portrait studios in shopping venues).  I hope to hear back soon.  I know one draw back of being me is my availability schedule but I am pretty sure that I will find something - if for no other reason than faith.

1 comment:

  1. I think it is wonderful that you are getting into this as a profession. Doing what you love is the most important thing. I think your pictures are beautiful!


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