10 February 2011

The Simplest of Things

Perfect.  Balanced.  Set right.  Yep, that's how I feel today.  Do you know why?  It's simple and silly and insane and logical all at once - I am caught up on all my blog reading!

Some read the paper or watch the news with their morning coffee and if their routines are interrupted then they feel off kilter.  I am one of those people except I always enjoy my morning coffee with my blog roll.  You know, those lovely ladies (and one gentle gentleman) over there on the right.  See them?  Yeah, we spend the mornings together catching up and getting started.  Every morning... well, that is until about two weeks ago when everyone started getting sick and my house became an infirmary.

Today I got up and sat down with coffee in hand, determined to get back into my routine.  Those who are home will have to learn to work around my schedules because this is my 'job' and it shouldn't be derailed every time something 'non-scheduled' happen.  I made that decision last night and I stuck with it this morning.  I am so proud of myself.

So now that my coffee cup needs refilling, my mind and heart are set right because all of my bloggy buddies worlds have been visited.  I feel renewed and with a sense of purpose today.  Let it rain all day, I don't mind.  I have knitting to accomplish, patterns to jot down and food to make.  I have creativity bubbling just below the surface that is screaming to be let out and it feels wonderful.  I haven't felt this jazzed in... well... almost two weeks!

Sometimes it's the simplest of things that sets us off... and also puts us back right.


  1. Ahh - thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! So many people tell me that they use my playlist as back ground music for their day. A few weeks ago we had dinner at a friends home - I thought I recogognized the music they had on in the background - sure enough - it was my blog!

    I love that you are a knitter!! I am adding your blog to my Google Reader list so that I can keep up with what you are doing~~


  2. Don't you love bubbling creativity?!?! :o) Have fun today, those mitts (?) look awesome!


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