28 February 2011

Fingers Crossed

Through the eyes of a child, see the world as it should be seen.
Today was the last straw.  Little people on power trips do not sit well with me.  Those who lie to make life more complicated and send others on wild goose chases to cover up their own misdeeds and feel the need to mess with my child will soon be sorry.  Please, don't ever make the mistake that you are somehow more important or more intelligent than anyone else - there is always someone out there who is a step ahead.

Tomorrow, the lottery starts and you can bet your sweet bippy that I am going to be front and center to get Hobbit signed up.  This school has the curriculum that we are looking for and she will thrive in this environment.  No more sitting around bored while she waits for the other kids to catch up.  No more stifling her natural desire to learn.  She's even excited about the possibility of wearing a uniform ~ Huzzah for education AND the arts!

Fingers crossed, there is a space for Hobbit this fall (if not sooner)... fingers crossed.

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