23 February 2011

Oh well goodie

We have new neighbors.  They have a small child, perhaps 3 years old.  They are a complete nuisance, I'm sorry to say.  You would think the people who rent out that house would come by and check on them periodically but they don't... instead, they have decided to set the house up for low income rental which is against our HOA rules and regulations.

Back to the real issue at hand, the fact that these renters are a complete nuisance and annoyance to all those who live around them.  Let's take this morning for an example.  It's barely 7:30 a.m. and I have just woken Hobbit up so she can get ready for school.  Then, I take Ramsay and Buddy outside for the second time, just as I do every morning.  Apparently, the heathen behind us is up as well because all I can hear (inside and outside of MY home) is his obnoxious screaming.  This little boy apparently wants some particular thing for breakfast and is having a fit over it.  Do you know what the mother does... she tells him to shut up because they're going out.  What?  Excuse me?

Hobbit's attempt at a fit on her 2nd birthday.. can you see the grin?
I'm sorry but if I had ever dreamed of behaving in such a fashion, my mouth or bottom would have been popped.  To make it even better, the child does not speak correctly and the mother didn't correct him either.  Once informed that they were going out to breakfast, the heathen takes a break between banshee howls to make the inquiry of "To Cwakkerw Bearwool?"  Baby talk... seriously?  Of course this is mild compared to the normal ruckus that we hear as we sit down at the dinner table every night.  It's a show every time with screaming, cursing, boozing, chain smoking on their back porch and television or music blaring.  This glorious routine continues daily from sun up until roughly midnight... every flippin' night.

It's like a train wreck of a reality TV show behind us... I'm thinking they moved to the wrong neighborhood because those people live about 10 miles closer to Holiday.  I am not a judgmental person but when your trashy ignorant lifestyle starts permeating the walls of my serene home, I will take action against it.  There are noise ordinances.  There are child protective services (trust me, the screams would make your skin crawl so couple that with an adult being verbally abusive while intoxicated on some substance and you'd want to call too).  There are a wide range of options available, for my protection and hopefully to straighten out the future juvenile delinquent.

Be as "Deliverance" as you want, but please do so quietly... your banjo playing is disturbing the rest of us who don't have carpet burns on our knuckles.

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