27 February 2011

Thanks to My Crazy Aunt

I love reading Crazy Aunt Purl.  She's just a breath of fresh air.  Always writing as though she's conversing and she has this fabulous attitude of shooting from the hip.  She's just awesome.  Today, I was going through and catching up on some of my blog reading and she touched on the newest season of American Idol.  I left a comment, something I don't do often and should make an effort to rectify, but thought it would make a great post on it's own... yeah, I do tend to have diarrhea of the mouth (or fingers in this case) at times... perhaps that's why I don't comment often - I get carried away and end up writing a book.  Here is my 'comment' regarding this season of American Idol:

"I loved your segment on AI and I couldn't agree more... well, except that last season was a snooze because I totally adore Lee DeWyze and Mama Sox... but I digress.

How in the world did they pick Brett over Colton?  Unless they were going for the geeky high school male androgynous demographic, Colton should have gotten that last spot for the guys - he was completely robbed!  Jacee can come back in a few years and steal it all - he was so precious - but Brett, seriously?  I was so disappointed.

I am totally digging the hobbitish upright bass player, Casey Abrams, along with the whispery voiced Kenny Loggins looks stealing Gentle Ben of a guy, Paul McDonald.  My favorite though, and I almost feel pervy for it, is Scotty McCreery.  His voice is too sexy (see, there is the pervy aspect).

As for the girls, I love the prom queen refugee Julie Zorilla.  I also can't help but smile every time I see that mop top, crazy haired cutie, Karen Rodriguez.  Teetering in as my last girl that I could root for is Pia Toscano.  Not a strong group of girls but these three really hold their own.

Bring on Tuesday - I'm ready to get going!!"

Yeah, I do write a book - but what can I say, I mean every word.  Besides, we bloggers love comments... at least I know I get excited to see what someone thinks of my work.  It's like tiny bits of Christmas every time someone leaves a note.  I must make a mental to leave more comments on my wanderings around the blogisphere... leave little bits of Christmas for others.

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