21 January 2013

A different approach

While I have been revamping my posting schedules and design on this space, I've learned that my original thought for Monday wasn't fully developed until today.  I had the idea that I wanted a creative central point for the week.  Something to inspire me and be the foundation for my adventures.  I think I've finally got it noodled out... it isn't about "Heart and Hearth", it's about basic inspiration.  Inspiration comes from so many avenues in my life - people, places, art, literature.  If it's out in the world, it's able to inspire me and therefore, we've come full circle.  I wasn't wrong in my original idea of "Motivational Mondays", I just needed to revamp it a bit, give it a tweak and a dusting off... to become a new way of looking at them.  So I'm keeping the tag of "Motivational Mondays" and we're just going with our new inspiration approach.

This week - this is my Inspiration board.

Monday Inspiration Board

Yeah... this is more of what I was wanting. Sometimes, you have to noodle the idea until you get it just right - and sometimes, it takes a bit longer than you think.

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