18 January 2013

Weekend Wonderment ~ 1/18 - 1/21

These three things will be working in harmony during this beautiful three day weekend.  I can't wait!
Lots of television shows, DVD movies and crafting is what is on tap for this weekend.  It's going to be wonderful because we have a much needed three day weekend this week.  I've got a scrumptious Orange Creamsicle cake cooling and after I get Hobbit from school, we'll make the icing/filling and finish it up for after supper tonight.  Thank goodness we're having Southern Chicken Salad for dinner - I know she'll eat it so she'll be able to have some cake too.

Hobbit and I will be crocheting all weekend long while Pokey goes to work.  Here's to a nice calm, quiet couple of days with no one getting in trouble - please, dear Lord. 

Okay?  Thank you!

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