24 January 2013

Twice over and then some

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That's how much I have gotten through on this new book - the page count of what I've read this week is equal to practically the entirety of the first book I had chosen.  The story is so wonderful and the characters are all endearing.  Nicholas Sparks certainly has a gift, no doubt about it.

I made the recipe from last week but instead of cupcakes, I made a cake and it was delicious!  We have a bit left but I'm sure it will be gone by the end of the week.  I think I will be trying a new recipe for supper this week.  I have been eyeballing this one for a while now so perhaps it's time to make it.

Hobbit is headed to her grandparents this weekend - they just moved back and are only 2 hours up the road from us now!  We are all over the moon excited and by May, even Peanut will be home to Florida for good.  Things are certainly shaping up to be pretty stinking good for a year with the most unlucky number of them all in it.

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