02 January 2013

Wednesday Wound-Up

I can't sleep (stupid bronchitis) so I thought I would go ahead do the first ever post under the new theme of "Wednesday Wound-Up", where I share my current projects and their progress.

Yesterday, the Winter term class assignments were released over at HPKCHC!  I was so very super excited that I used the time I was up last night to get started on my first homework assignment - Screaming Meemie for Herbology.

I think that colorway totally fits the bill, don't you!
In other crafting news, Hobbit has completed her first ever homework assignment this afternoon!  We had a few false starts, a few breaks for tears too, but then later this afternoon, it seemed to have clicked for her and she created a Unicorn Blanket for her Care of Magical Creatures class.  I think she did a wonderful job -

She even stitched on a heart at the bottom.  Not bad for her first lesson!
I am plotting a few more classes but haven't started them yet.  My goals is to get this little blanket done before the weekend.  I haven't decided if I'm working it horizontally or vertically either but I'm sure it will all sort itself out in the end.  I opted for the baby doll blanket size to try out the stitch because I have been toying with making a full size one but the massive beginning chain always has me rethinking it.  I just might do it now that I've been rather successful with this smaller one.

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