06 January 2013

Sunday Snaps ~ 5 Jan 13

Hobbit started the week by beginning her life as a crafter.

She made Penny a scarf with her French Knitting Knob.

Then we rang in the new year with some sparkling apple juice - it was so gross.

Hobbit started 2013 by learning how to single crochet.  She made a blanket for her toy unicorn.

She also finished her other finger knit scarf!

Seeing how well she was doing, I made her a present, a crochet hook case...

It even had a complete set of my old aluminum hooks in it for her.  I think she liked it.
I turned in my Quidditch - he is an epically failed badger that resembles a cute cartoon puppy.

I even found time to do some artsy fartsy photography and graphic work this weekend.

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