03 January 2013

Nibbles & Narratives

The second of my new segments starts today!  I've decided that I have let my pleasure reading slip by the wayside for far too long so in an effort to give it more priority, I've decided to write about what I'm currently reading.  I also wanted to step away from "convenience cooking" and get back to basics and to hold myself accountable I wanted to share at least one fabulous recipe a week.

Y'all know that I play in a couple of tournament knitting/crochet groups, well that is were I learned about this one author.  His name is Terry Pratchett and he has written a beloved series of books called "Discworld".  I decided that after two years of seeing project submissions associated with it, I would dip my baby toe into their waters and pick up the first book, "The Color of Magic".  Granted, I really just picked it up last night but so far, I adore Twoflower.  I can't give any type of proper recommendation on it but it's always a good sign when I love a character after less than fifty pages.

Oh my goodness, I don't think there can there be anything finer than a warm chocolate chip cookie.
While becoming submersed in this new book, I have been nibbling on our Christmas cookies.  I came to the conclusion that I wasn't going to be purchasing any more treats from the grocers when I was perfectly capable of making them at home - and for far less money.  My first cookie adventure had to my childhood favorite, chocolate chip.  Now, this recipe isn't earth shattering or new - it's a classic.  All I do is follow what is written on the back of semi-sweet morsel bag and in less than 10 minutes, I have perfection on a plate.

So might I suggest you whip up some delicious treats and join me for a bit of light, humorous reading - you won't be disappointed.

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