30 January 2013

Wednesday Wound-Up ~ 30 Jan 13

This is the best chair in the world when you don't feel well.  It's like being snuggled by your mama.
I have been down a lot lately with some type of illness - bronchitis, tummy bug or head cold.  This past week it was the latter two so I plopped myself down in my most favorite chair and worked on something for my mama.  I'm hoping to have it done before I go see her on Sunday - she's coming to pick up Hobbit again for a fun oriented weekend this Friday so I'll head back up on Sunday to help her finish some of the bigger things that she promised to wait on doing and get Hobbit back home.

I hope she likes it - red is her favorite color so I'm set there.  I'll share what I've made once I give them to her because she's been known to pop in here on occasion.  I've also got a flower blanket languishing in the living room but we aren't going to talk about that...

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