28 January 2013

Well hello there!

That was a bit of an unplanned break, wasn't it!  It was all such a whirlwind - Thursday afternoon we surprised Hobbit by taking her the 2 hours up the road to my folks' new house so she could spend the weekend with them.  She thought they were coming to get her on Friday but since my daddy had to go back to Texas on Saturday, we dropped her off Thursday instead so she could spend a day with him too.

On Friday, Pokey ran into work for a 30 minute training session and when he got home, we drove to the coolest theatre and watched the first day's showing of "The Hobbit".  There are so many bits and bobs for the super nerd like us that we loved every minute of it.  It definitely didn't feel like three hours in those fancy seats either!  After the movie, we popped over to Target to get the kids' Valentine's Day things and went out to an early supper at Chili's.  The food was pretty good but I have to say, the server left a lot to be desired.  Once we were done, we came home and played our Lord of the Rings Online game until late into the evening... and then spent all day Saturday in our pjs doing the exact same thing!  We even ordered in Chinese for supper.  It was wonderful.

Then Sunday came around.  I was actually looking forward to helping my mama get settled but as soon as I woke up, I got sick.  I mean literal sick - praying to the porcelain gods kind of sick.  I still go dressed, grabbed a Coke to sip on and headed out at 6:15 a.m. because I promised.  I got there just after 8 a.m. and only a handful of minutes before the big truck.  While they were taking things off, I was doing my best to unpack.  We managed to finish setting up her kitchen and we got about 90% of the living room done.  Her bedroom was also about 75% done as well.  She promised not to move anything heavy until I get back this coming Sunday but this is also the same woman who gave me my stubborn streak so I know how that will go.

My poor Pokey was worried about me all day yesterday and used two vacation days for today and tomorrow so that I could rest.  Initially I was wishing he hadn't but since I woke up with a full blown cold this morning, I'm glad he did.  I also heard from my mama last night and she's bringing my great Aunt Mary with her when she picks Hobbit up on Friday (this coming weekend is for fun, unlike this past one which was more about the business of moving).  My Aunt Mary has never been to any place I have lived as an adult so needless to say, Pokey and I will be scrubbing on Thursday.  She's my favorite aunt because she has no filter - she will tell it like it is and simply qualify it with "I'm old, life is too short to pussy foot around it all."  This holds true for everyone and everything - and I'd like her filter to not mention the Buddy Bunnies that constantly attempt to infiltrate our home.

So that is where I have been.  I'm sorry I didn't say anything before but I honestly didn't think things were going to be as crazy as they were - but it was all wonderful, just the same.

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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed your weekend (minus the illness! yikes!) How nice of Pokey to do that for you today and tomorrow. Rest up!


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