09 December 2013

103 / 113

I was watching season 2 of "Miranda" and this is what came of it - and I absolutely love it!
At the beginning of the year, a group popped up on Ravelry that I was invited to called "113 in 2013".  The premise was that we would all challenge ourselves to make 113 things this year.  I joined on a lark, thinking there would be no way I could actually fulfill this challenge but I would still have fun playing along. Welp, with over two weeks left in the year, I'm down to the final ten projects.  Yep, I'm serious.  I never thought I would be able to do it but I have and that makes rather proud and seriously motivated to complete it.

This is my latest creation that put me to that T-minus 10 mark, a cute little headband that I made for Hobbit for Christmas.  I was in a rather foul mood yesterday - you know the kind where you hear the ugly coming out and you despise yourself for it but no matter what you do, it just doesn't stop - so I thought I would counteract all the ugly with some of my favorite British comedies, namely "Miranda".  Oh mylanta, I love Miranda Hart to no end... she just cracks me up and this show is absolutely brilliant.

While I was absentmindedly giggling along, I created this rather cheerful item.  It was super simple, honest.  I used my favorite Cherry Heart's Twinkler Star pattern, slightly modified, for the blue one on top.  The bottom star was a snowflake that took on a life of it's own and became a big puffy star.  I didn't write down the pattern and I don't think I could recreate it - it was just one of those happy crafting 'accidents' and I went with it.  For the band, I chained 83 and then hdc all the way back, starting at the second chain from the hook.  At the end, I did 4hdc to make the corner turn and worked my way back up doing hdc and then did 3hdc at the opposite end, using a slip stitch to finish it off to the beginning.  Once that was done, I took my embroidery needle and simply went in and out the entire length of the center and used the same thread to sew the headband closed.  Without cutting the thread, I then sewed the double stars to the headband securely, knotted it and wove in my ends.

It reminds me of something Ariel would wear, no idea why but it does.  It makes me happy to look at it and I hope that Hobbit loves to wear it.  I'm going to make her a few more and maybe even one for me, just never know... but first, I think I'll knock out ten little stars so I can accomplish my "113 in 2013".  Still floors me every time I think about... it's amazing what we can do, even when we aren't trying!


  1. Love it and how simple it is - Sadly, I have no gals to make one for.


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