28 December 2013

Oooo... a year long project!

Picture from Mummy_Stacey's instagram feed
I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Crochet Time, and she was talking about doing a 'mood blanket'.  Y'all know me, I had to find out what this critter was and see about joining in... oh my word!

Mummy_Stacey came up with this awesomeness and I think I'll hop on the wagon as well.  I think it is brilliant and I'm going to go with the square a day program, working it at five rounds a square and 7 squares across.  This will give me a blanket is 7 x 52 and perfect for the sofa.

The color aspect is going to be a bit tricky but I think I have it down.  I'm not a very difficult person and my moods aren't that wild.  I'm generally happy, blessed, content, upset or frustrated.  Those are it... now to associate colors with them is the tricky part.  They have to look good together, regardless of order.  I'm thinking happy will be rose color, blessed will be a mossy green, content will be white, upset will be greyish blue, and frustrated will be a chocolatey brown.  I think that will good - don't you?

If you want to join in, take a look at the links above and join in.  This is going to be an awesome way to look back at 2014... now, to find the yarn!

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