02 December 2013

Yay - December!

Our precious little tree
This is my most favorite month in the entire year and it's finally here!!  The whole world is decorated, people are in sweeter moods, kids are home on break, carols are being sung everywhere, cookies are being baked all the time and it just restores my faith in humanity.  Oh how I wish every month could be like this, what a wonderful place the world would be then.

We've spent the holiday weekend all over the place - first at my mama's and then home but we ended up having two Thanksgivings... quite by accident, I assure you.  You see, we spent the actual holiday at my folks' house surrounded by family.  It was lovely to see everyone and spend time together.  We had turkey and pie and played games and watched the parade and "A Christmas Story".  Then we came back home and spent the rest of the weekend here since Pokey and I both had to work on Friday.  Though I did receive a wonderful surprise when I learned that Friday was actually considered part of the holiday at my work and I earned holiday pay for working it - hello Christmas shopping money!

Well, Saturday we went grocery shopping and bought two turkeys because they were on sale and we love turkey.  We put one in the freezer and we made one on yesterday after we put up all the decorations.  Our little house is decked out from top to bottom, inside and out, for the holidays.  We had our Pandora Christmas station on most of the afternoon and when it came time to eat, we all piled in the living room and watched "Elf" with our turkey, mash and corn.  I smiled at the scene around me and giggled that we are so into our own little traditions that, without even thinking about it, we recreated Thanksgiving at our house.

Holiday cheer around here
You see, every year, after the parade, we put up our tree but we couldn't this year because we were up at my folks' house.  It was fine and we weren't sad over it since we got to spend time with everyone - my daddy was home finally, my great aunt was there and Peanut was down from school.  It was wonderful, but it didn't feel like the season was here... then we did all that we did yesterday and now I feel full of the Christmas spirit.

Funny how that works isn't it.  Without even thinking about it, we worked out our own little bit of holiday magic to bring the season to life.  No planning or discussing, just by happenstance... but it was one of my favorite days this year and how fortunate that it should happen on the first day of my most favorite months of the year.

Guess I'm not a cottonheadedninnymuggins after all.

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