04 December 2013


This little elf has been working!
I would love nothing more than to show off all that I have been making this past week but I can't - namely because the future owners actually read my blog.  I know, crazy but it's true.

I managed to crank out two very important gifts - a total of five items crafted - this week.  I do hope they love them.  That's always the worry, isn't it.  We spend hours crafting, possibly frogging and recrafting which was the case with one of my things, and then we sit around and fret that the recipient won't be as chuffed as we are about it.

Sure, it may be just an item, but it's an item that I sat down and dedicated several hours of my life to create with my two hands.  Squeezing in time to stitch whenever possible - even setting up a little sweatshop like I have now in my office - just to ensure that the item is perfect in every way possible.

I have photos of the items I made and I will share them once the presents have been opened - but if you look closely, you just might spy my latest present in progress.  These little P.I.P.s have been worked on in stealth mode for the past two weeks.  Just two more to go and I'm done.

20 days folks - it all ends in just 20 days.  How are your holiday crafting endeavors coming along?  Me?  All I can say is - Back to the sweatshop!!

1 comment:

  1. knitted gifts make the best gifts! I look forward to the photos after the holidays. :)


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