22 December 2013

Sunday Snaps

Started the week by celebrating my birthday with my 4/5 of my family members - cake and all...

Finished what was originally the last Christmas present to be made and was excited about it...

When I had an idea and ran with it... pattern coming soon.  Needs one more test run.
That's my week - celebrations and crafting.  I think that should be my week every time... find something to celebrate and have enough time to craft.  That would make for a fabulous year, wouldn't it!

Today, we're heading to see Santa and then go out looking at all the Christmas lights in one of my most favorite neighborhoods.  It should be a lot of fun.  We normally do it on Christmas Eve but we're headed up to my folks' house this year so we opted to go tonight since we're all off - no work tonight and no school tomorrow.  Although, my parents are coming to take Hobbit out to the movies and have a sleepover.  They're going to see "Saving Mr. Banks" and I'm a bit more than a tad jealous.  I really want to see it too but I have to work so hopefully she won't give me too many spoilers.

I hope you had a wonderful week full of celebrations and crafty goodness too!

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