11 December 2013

Now these I can share!

I have been a busy bee this week making ornaments to give to my mama for their new tree.
My Ravelry project page for random ornaments has been growing steadily all week long.  There are notes for most of the ornaments in there, if you are wanting to make any of them.  I have the link to the Season of Snowflakes pattern there, the first red snowflake in the top middle row has a direct link to the pattern as well.  The rest have notes because I tweaked the pattern and the wreath has directions in there because I got really creative at 12:30 a.m. after work last night... that's a hairband of all things!

With all of this crafting I've been doing, I am only need two more items to reach 113 for the year!  I'll probably surpass it because I'm having fun with the ornaments but I'm chuffed to bits because I honestly didn't think I would make it at all.

So that's been my week of crafting - that I can share - and I hope that you have been having just as much fun with your projects.

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