31 December 2013

First planned project of 2014

This is the sample swatch for my upcoming OWL but I fell backwards into another project based off of the colors!
So I have gotten all my calculations in order for Our Bedspread and once I broke it down far enough, I realized it was totally doable!! Check it out -

107” x 120” for the size bedspread on my queen size bed.
6” for each African Flower Square with #4 yarn on 7.0mm hook
107” = 18 squares across
120” = 20 squares down
Total squares needed 360

6 months until anniversary
360/6 = 60 squares a month
30 days/60 squares = 2 squares a day

I am figuring that it might be best to make it 3 squares a day so I can cover short months and add an edging if I want. All yarn ordered should be in house by the 9th but I can totally get started on it with what I have here currently. I am going to alternate between the flower being blue and being purple - still debating on adding a white into the mix though the longer I sit on it, the less likely I am to do it since it might throw off my palette being that it’s such a bright white. Yeah, no white - just talked myself right out of it.

Pokey always fusses that I have never made him a sweater - take that Mister… you’re getting a queen sized blanket in all your favorite colors instead!!  What better way to bid farewell to a great crafting year than by ringing it in with a new epic project!

Enjoy ringing in the new year with one of my old favorites.

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