05 December 2013

A different light

Nothing beats a bit of crafting and a good book.
Y'all know that I did not like "The Hunger Games" when I read it because there wasn't a single character that I found endearing.  The rest of my family loved it, but I just was not on board.  Well, that was until we watched the film back when it was released almost two years ago.  It never happens where I love the film more than the book...


but I did.

My mother claims it was because I 'read Katniss wrong' in the book.  Not sure how anyone could exactly do that but she claims that the reason I didn't like it is basically because I read it wrong.  Umm, sure Mama.  It cracks me up every time I think of her telling me this, all earnest and doe eyed.  I prefer to think of it as Jennifer Lawrence did an amazing job of softening her and making a character that I despised into one that I adored.  As a human being, I find Miss Lawrence to be of exquisite character and beautifully grounded.  As an actor, I find her to be very gifted.

And this is why I have decided to give "Catching Fire" another read.  I must say, I'm glad so far that I did because I am loving it.  Katniss is softer to me now, instead of the egocentric snob I initially took her for - too good for her family, seeing herself above her mother, a martyr over her sister, and a false love for someone who truly cared for her.  Oh no, that's not how I see her at all any more.  Now she is vulnerable, scared, compassionate and doing all she can to hold it together and protect her family when in reality all she wants is to live a life without worry for those she loves.

I'm at the part where they are just on the train, she and Peeta are talking and he's showing her what he's been up to for his talent.  I won't go into detail in case someone is reading it for the first time but I must say, it's going a lot better this time around because I am seeing Katniss in a different light - and she's absolutely lovely.

On the nibble front - it's my first weekend of the Christmas holiday season and I am going to make a family favorite today.  The cookie to shame all other cookies - Tollhouse traditional chocolate chip cookies!!  Oh yes, they are the first cookie that I make every year because I know I will have to make a second batch before the month is out.  This week, we'll be getting fat on the most delicious cookies ever invented.

I can't wait.. best get off here and get cracking then, huh.

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