26 December 2013

My "haul"

That's what my daddy said the other day when addressing all the presents.  He proclaimed that we all got "a nice haul" and I think he was right.  Yesterday I shared what all I gave but today, I wanted to share what all I received.

Look at all the lovely yarny goodness - and no, I did not saturate the color.  It's that bright!
Isn't it glorious!  Peanut gave me those Homespun skeins, the patterns and that awesome bag that is big enough to hold a blanket project. My mama made me the sweater and gave me the neon rainbow of yarn.  I am thinking that they need to be turned into a blanket but I'm not 100% certain yet.  All of the yarn is so very soft and my sweater is done in DK weight so it's perfect for any time of the year around here.

From my fabulous Pokey, I received some colored pencils to use with my charting graph paper based off a random comment I made when I couldn't find any the other week when I was making the Rorschach bag and a wonderful tablet that I can do everything I wished my eReader would do for the past three years.  It's absolutely perfect and I was glued to it all day yesterday.  Hobbit gave me season 3 of Downton Abbey so now I can have a marathon the weekend before season 4 starts airing!!  Lots of tearing up on my end over the thoughtful gifts that were given to me.

My Christmas was everything I could have ever dreamed of and more.  I hope that y'all had a blessed day with your loved ones too.  Did you get anything that made you cry tears of joy?

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