18 December 2013

The finale

Doesn't it just scream "Hobbit"!
I am down to my last crafted Christmas present.  I am so chuffed right now.  I never finish all my wish list crafting for the holidays before the actual holidays.  I seriously could run around like Julie Andrews in the Alps, I feel that fabulous over it all.

I think my secret this year was that I cut back on who I crafted for honestly.  I used to make something for everyone and anyone, but not this year.  This year I made something for each member of my immediate family.  That means a grand total of 5 people - my parents, Pokey, Peanut, and Hobbit.  If I get to see you on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, I made you a present.

The other thing is that I kept my presents realistic.  Sure, I want to make my husband a sweater, but I didn't.  I'd love to make my mama an afghan, but I didn't.  I made things that I noticed they needed - smaller things but necessary things.  You know, those things you never think about until you need it.  I can't elaborate any further until after the holidays when I share what all they got but I know you know what I'm talking about... don't you.

The final bit that helped me out a lot was using my time in The Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup on Ravelry productively.  Fall term ran from September through November so that was three months that I was crafting for the glory of Slytherin (and Christmas).  The final push came when I used the prompts from the Disney Adventures group to get those last little things completed this month - all those ornaments, yep... they went directly to the challenges.  Crafting challenge groups have helped me stay on track and given me lots of inspiration over the years.  A lot of people worry that they won't be good enough or fast enough but honestly, it's not about all that.  You should check them out, you just might find your crafting taking off too.
Seriously - don't you just love the colors... I sure do!

I best get going on that last present while Hobbit is at school.  It's for her and I don't want her to see it, or figure it out!  There are only two people in our house who really like pink and considering the other one is me, my chances of getting away without being noticed are pretty slim.

 She knows Santa and I talk but if she knew how much... let's just say there wouldn't be a moment of peace in this house until Christmas morning!!

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