25 December 2013

All those things I couldn't share before...

I can share now!  All homemade presents have been opened so I can share what all I've been working on these past few months.

My daddy knows... bow ties are cool!  I'm sure this is now a headband for Peanut or Mama but still, he got it.

He didn't put them on because had shoes on but I made him these slippers. He seemed happy to get them.

Mama and Peanut in their bows - and Mama with her hotpads that I made for her.  She loved them.
These are what they looked like - she thought the colors were wonderful and I know they'll get a lot of use.

Peanut in the lacy edged headband that I made for her.  It was just super lucky that she had on the this dress.

Because it went perfectly with Victorian Cape I made - pattern from 1904!
I told her about weaving the ribbon through that first row of white stitches and making a bow instead of using the broach.

Then we came home and waited for Santa to come visit us at our house.

Pokey loved his new Nook case - you can get the pattern here.

Hobbit got a smaller version for her new tablet that Santa brought for her.

She also got a new headband and a pretty snuggly purple capelet that she loved.

I even managed to get a 'non-squishy' shot of it so you can see.
Oh and don't worry about me - I got some awesome yarny goodness tossed my way as well...

1018 yards of awesome neon goodness... and 3 skeins of accidentally coordinating Homespun!
I hope that everyone has a very happy Christmas, full of love and laughter and yarny goodness.

May you be blessed today and all year through.

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  1. Everything turned out beautifully! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!


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