03 October 2010

Crafty Kids

Yep, that's right - I have a couple of crafty little kids and I have been sitting here this morning remembering all the times I sat around with my brother and mother, making seasonal decorations out of construction paper and taping them to the front windows.  Snowflakes.  Leaves.  Pumpkins.  Eggs.  Paper chains.

I think today I will go through our crafting supplies in the garage and see if we have any of the necessary articles.  I think it's time to introduce Hobbit to the joy of construction paper decorations.  It's coming on Halloween and we haven't a single festive item to display.  I know Peanut will have a blast, being the art geek that she is, so Hobbit will follow suit, idolizing her big sister as she does.

Yes, ghosts and goblins beware - we're 'spookifying' our windows today and making memories to last a lifetime.

**Edited to add a photo for all to enjoy... and yes, that is a Mickey Pumpkin.**

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