07 October 2010

Poor In The Pockets, Rich In Love

That is a phrase that a friend of mine uses and I love it.  I will be the first to admit that sometimes I get too wrapped up in the things we are missing and how financially destitute we are at the moment but those are not the most important things in life.  Our kids have no clue about the trials and tribulations we are currently facing - because everyone's perception is their own reality.

Homemade items don't mean that we don't have the money to purchase store bought - it means you are loved more than anything in the universe and this was made specifically for you.  Cookies and treats from scratch don't mean that it wasn't in our budget to purchase sweets - it means memories of times spent in the kitchen together creating delicious goodies are more precious than gold.  Comfort foods like meatloaf, soup and such don't mean that we can't afford dining out - it means we'd rather have the quiet of our own home to sit together and talk as a family while we dine.

It isn't always about what we can get - it's about appreciating what we already have.  No, I don't have pocket money or disposable income.  Yes, I float bills and squeeze blood from a stone.  Sure, we've got our belts tighten to the point where we can hardly breath but none of that matters.  In the big scheme of things, none of that matters.  I have a husband who adores me.  I have kids who light up my life.  I have parents who are loving and supportive.

So while others are out shopping til they drop, eating out til they burst and filling voids with items - I'll stay as poor as a church mouse and happy as clam, thank you very much.

It is truly wonderful to be poor in the pockets but rich in love - I pray you are wealthy too.

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