13 October 2010

Kathy's Question

My friend Kathy, whom I met on CafeMom, is in a couple of the same groups as I am and in one of them, she posts a Question of the Day every single day - where she comes up with them, I have no idea, but I love it.  Well, today's question was "what is the one question you hate to be asked?" and I gave a bloggish type response so I figured, why not actually post it here for all to share.  Here you go, my response to the QotD from Kathy:

Okay, this is going to sound silly but it's "Is that all?" when I'm at a drive-thru window for a meal.  I am always polite - to the point that it makes my friends laugh at me.  Here is an example:

Worker:  Welcome to [random food place], may I take your order.
Me:  Yes ma'am/sir.  May I please have [random food order].
Worker:  Do you want that super-sized.
Me:  No thank you.
Worker:  What to drink.
Me:  Sweet tea please.
Worker:  Is that all?

Now, to me at least, this sounds rude.  I believe something much nicer could be used.  "May I get anything else for you today" or perhaps even a simple "Does this complete your order" would be better than a curt and less than enthusiastic "is that all".  It always sounds as though I have the nerve to interrupt their day and request something of them... that I am bothering them and they are inquiring if I am done with the pestering for now.

Many people that I have run across who are working in the fast food industry do not seem  happy with their station in life or current employment situation.  They come off as believing that they are 'better' than where they are - but that doesn't mean that they shouldn't have pride in what they do.  The difference between me and these types of people is that I view the situation as an opportunity and I would dare say that they do not... but that is a rant for a different post.

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