14 October 2010

Worst Haircut Ever!

That is what I now possess.  I left the salon with high hopes.  I figured I would reserve all judgments until I could wash it and see what happens... half way home the tears started flowing because I wasn't fooling myself.  This was the worst haircut ever.

I woke up wanting a change.  I wanted something short, feminine and sweet.  I found the perfect cut and showed it to Mo - the 'professional' I was entrusting my soon to be gone long mane to for the procedure.  I am at a disadvantage because I have to remove my glasses for a haircut so it's always a surprise when they're finished, whether I face the mirror or not... but this was more along the lines of a horror movie scene than anything else.  All along the floor my poor hair lay butchered in beautiful curls... the image in the mirror is one that closely resembles a sheered sheep than a short, feminine, sweet haircut.

When I got home, I did what I said I would do... then I called the salon and cried like a child about how heinous my hair was now.  The manager was shocked and asked that I come in so she can see... then she was floored when she actually saw it.  I have to wait at least a month for there to be enough hair for her to rectify the situation... a month!

In the meantime, I guess I will be knitting one of my chemo caps but it will be for myself - since that is what I currently look like with the amount of hair Mo left behind.  I mean no disrespect, my hair is that bad. 

I keep telling myself it's only hair.  It will grow back.  It isn't who you are... all the same things I would tell my kids... and just like my kids, I think I'm only saying it to make me feel better but I don't believe a word of it either.  *Heavy sad sigh**sniffle*

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  1. I'm so sorry for you!!! A bad haircut is the worst. My aunt, who was a beautician, cut my hair one time and butchered it really bad. I couldn't believe it!!!!


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