15 October 2010

Victory Will Be Mine

As you all know, I was a victim of hair homicide yesterday.  My loving family, especially my wonderful husband, allowed me to mourn the loss of my locks for the rest of the evening.  My husband has yet to actually see my haircut - I had a hat on when he got home and I went to bed with a knit hat last night.  He has to be the sweetest and most understanding man in the universe.

Well, I woke up this morning bound, bit and determined not to wallow any longer.  I got a shower and came up with a three step plan to move on.  I knew I had to do something because sitting around the house crying until it grew into something presentable was not an option - it's annoying, messy and rather pathetic really.

Step 1:  Change my perspective. ~ Sounds simple right... wrong!  I can read a billion articles on how the trendiest looks for Winter 2011 are uber short hair but that really doesn't make me feel any better about the butchering that took place yesterday.  I still need to work on presenting myself as more a trendsetter instead of unnatural disaster.

Step 2:  Cute accessories. ~ A girl never knows how fabulous her friends are until she gets a bad haircut... and my friends have been angels!  A common theme, which I honestly would never have thought of because my hair is now so flipping short, was headbands.  I found one of the girls' sparkly pink headbands in the bathroom and popped it on rather sarcastically and surprised myself.  Instantaneously, my look went from catastrophe to cat's meow.  It was amazingly cute and I actually smiled at my reflection.

Step 3:  Dangle earrings.  ~ Why not... they're hanging out for the world to see so I might as well dress up my ears too, right.  Just because my hair is now super short doesn't mean that I can't still be super feminine... and what better way to show that than through some beautiful earrings.  Better yet, it will be money well spent because people will actually be able to admire them now that my hair isn't blocking the view.

So, I'm still a work in progress but the good news is that I am indeed progressing.  Tonight, my sainted husband is taking me to get a couple headbands and pair of earrings or two while my eager to please teenager is going to watch my always loving, though sometimes brutally honest, kindergartner.

Just as those posters from WWII used to read ~ "Your courage, your cheerfulness, your resolution will bring us victory" and victory will be mine... oh yes, it will be mine.


  1. you forget , I know you! victory will be yours or the whole world will implode! head to a vintage store and grab a few 1920 hats... you know you know the lace, felt, feathers & net ones which force your hair to curl out from under them... you remember the butcher job I ended up with when I joined DRC?

  2. Your hair has always been beautiful MJ - long or short, it's precious. My major issue is not really the length, but the fact that this is not at all what I had requested. The complete abandonment of the initial game plan is what threw me into such despair... either way, it's time to square my shoulders back and move forward with my hairless head held high.


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