11 October 2010

Why... No Really, Why?

Why would you own a dog if you are simply going to put it outside and let it bark for 10 hours a day?  Are you mentally deranged - what am I say, of course you are!  This is the opening of a conversation that I would love to have with my neighbor.

You see, about 5 years ago, they bought a basset hound.  I'm guessing they aren't basset hound people because this poor animal spends 10 hours a day outside and she does nothing but bark... nonstop... the entire time she is outside... for 5 years.

Now, I'm no animal expert but it sure sounds (literally) like abuse and neglect to me.  Leaving the poor animal, who is obviously unhappy as displayed by the constant barking, in the sweltering heat or freezing bitter cold without food or water (at least none that I can see) is just cruel.  All the ding dang dog wants is some attention.  No one ever plays with her, takes her for walks or even talks to her.  How would the so called 'owners' feel if they were treated in such fashion?

I am at my wits end because for the past year, since we've been watching my folks' house, I have had to listen to the animal day in and day out.  I finally broke two weeks ago and went to speak to my HOA, who sent a letter and nothing was done.  I called Animal Control last week but nothing seems to have been done.  I just got off the phone with the HOA again who could actually hear the dog through the phone so we'll see if anything happens now.

Why adopt an animal if you aren't going to be an active participant in it's life.  Why... no really, why?

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