25 October 2010

Rock On Freak Hair

I say that every morning to the mirror - Rock on Freak Hair, rock on - because if I can't laugh at the monstrosity that is my hair since the butchering, who can.  I'm stuck with this insane style until it grows out - probably won't even be 'normal' for close to a year so I might as well embrace the freak hair, right?

I had made a bet with Peanut when the school year started, and I had long hair, that if she got straight As on her report card that I would put hot pink highlights in my hair (underneath, hidden by my long wavy luxurious mane).  Today is report card day and I admit to a bit of trepidation as I went online to see what she would be bringing home.

With eyes closed, I hit the link to her online report card... afraid to look at it full on, I peeked.  First one eye barely open and then the other... 2 Bs.  I was saved by two Bs.  Thank you baby Jesus!  Don't get me wrong, part of me was actually looking forward to having funky pink highlights for Halloween but let's be serious... freak hair can only handle so much before it can't 'rock on' any more.

I have 8 weeks to mentally prepare myself again for the hot pink highlights.  Let's face it, she really wanted to make me do this so I know that those 2 beautiful Bs will be annoying As in 8 weeks time.  The things I do to motivate my children to excel... everyone chant with me - Rock on Freak Hair... rock on!

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