04 October 2010


That's the temperature outside right now - 61 degrees.  There is even a slight breeze.  It is wonderful.  I am head over heels happy.  I know people who are bummed about the dropping temperatures and while I may adore them to no end, I will never understand how anyone could be depressed about this particular event.

Change like this is wonderful.  It puts a spring in my step and a song in my heart.  It makes me more appreciative of the little things around me and I actually want to be outside to soak it all in.  I promise, as soon as the yard crew is done with our yard this morning - I'm parking my tushy in the swing and knitting.  If I could trust that our animals weren't going to be special and fall out of the screened windows, I would open the whole house up.  It is just fabulous today.

I can't wait for the few traditional trees in the area to figure out that it's autumn and being to change their colors - we had a nice wet summer so the colors should be spectacular... if only palm trees did the same... that would be the icing on the cake.

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