14 October 2010

My Mind Wandered

I was going through Ravelry looking at patterns and I started to notice people's screen names and began wondering - why would you pick something like that?

A screen name is a snapshot of your personality.  It is who you are to many people who will never know you - it speaks volumes in a very mute online world.  A screen name holds your identity, people's perception and expectations of you, your unspoken view of yourself... yes, it does all that and much more.

Now that we all understand that unspoken importance of a screen name, let's try and figure out why some would choose the names they have... such as Domesticly Blissless, Perversia, Neurotic Nelly and many more that I won't put up because of the derogatory nature or blatant use of foul language.

Domesticly Blissless - you're telling the world that you hate your life.  There is no joy in your home.  Did you realize that when you picked your name?  Thanks for sharing, we won't be inviting you to any chats any time soon.

Perversia - yeah, your name says it all and I'm not saying another word.  Good luck with that.

Neurotic Nelly - wow, deep therapy sessions are probably in order.  Why would you label yourself neurotic?  We all have quirks and oddities that make us who we are but a neurosis takes it to a whole other level.  You are no longer quirky... you're certifiable.  Have you met Perversia?

My name is a great representation of me.  I am a mama.  I love coffee - especially peppermint mochas.  My screen name tells a story that is completely in focus.  I am proud to wear my screen name.  Do you think some of these people feel the same way... and if so, especially with these examples, why?!?  Even the names that make me blush - why would you want that to represent you... better yet, why do you feel that represents you?  Are you truly a witch with a 'b'... if not, then why add it in your name.  Unless you are a gangster, stripper or prostitute then why make the insinuation in your screen name?  I just don't understand.

I was always told that you are known by the company you keep - If these names are any indication of the types of people I'll be running into, I think I'll keep to my own company than, thank you.

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